"The right plant in the right place"

"The right plant in the right place""The right plant in the right place"



SERVICES: Garden Design and More!


We're here to help take the stress out of your DIY project! 

Home consultation: Perfect for those who are starting a new garden or want to make changes to an existing landscape. Don't know where to begin? Have your questions answered while receiving expert, on-site advice for selecting and planting trees, shrubs, and other plants on your property. (Hourly fee.) 

SORRY, TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE Nursery consultation: Overwhelmed at the nursery? Bring photos of your yard and have a Perennial Garden Consultants professional meet you at the garden center of your choice. We'll go through the dizzying assortment and find not just the plants you like but the ones that have the best chance of succeeding in your yard. (Hourly fee.) 

Plant list: Following your horticultural consultation, receive an emailed list of the suggested plants with both the common name and botanical name-- useful and convenient for shopping, pricing, or checking availability. (Additional fee.) 


(Flat fee pricing based upon square footage.) 

Included in Perennial Garden Consultants original planting designs: 

  • Initial consultation 
  • Site analysis, site survey, and photos 
  • Perennial Garden Consultants' Plant Palette, a private Ideabook for client collaboration set up on Houzz 
  • Conceptual planting design drafted to scale 
  • Plant legend with common names, botanical names, quantities and sizes 
  • Walk-through upon delivery 
  • Perennial Garden Consultants' Installation and Care Guidelines  
  • Ongoing support throughout the installation process


Don't have time to shop? Let us take your plant list to the nursery, select the best, healthiest plant material available, make any on-the-spot substitutions if necessary, and have it put on hold for pick up or delivery. (Hourly fee.) 


Want to be certain that every plant is going in the right place on planting day? We can arrive at your property on the day you specify to put everything in precisely the correct spots in the landscape, making any necessary adjustments, ready for planting. (Flat fee.) 

NEW! Boutique Garden Maintenance, ASHS Certified Horticulturist

Due to customer demand, Perennial Garden Consultants is now offering a boutique-style garden maintenance service for clients who are seeking special handling of their yards and plants. Our services are meant to fill the gap often left by regular mow-and-blow landscape maintenance. 

How is our boutique service different? First, we begin by properly identifying the plants in your landscape and then create a custom program based upon the needs of those plants. A custom program will include checking all plants for overall health and vigor, following Integrated Pest Management Practices (IPM), ensuring that plants are receiving the correct amount of water, the use of organic fertilizers at the right time of year, light pruning and shaping of shrubs and timely care of perennials to produce maximum color

A focus on design also sets us apart. Those who desire a more polished look in their yard will appreciate our attention to detail. We also specialize in custom-designed seasonal container planting, for pots that add pizzazz. 

But don't fire your mow-and-blow guys yet, because even with our upgraded services, we will not be offering the following: mowing lawns, hacking shrubs into weird shapes, and noisily blowing dust into the air. Perennial Garden Consultants horticulturists use only manual tools, and organic products when needed. (Hourly fee plus materials.) 


How do I know if Perennial Garden Consultants is right for me?

6 reasons why a PGC consultation may be just what you're looking for:

1. You’ve already wasted money on plants that didn’t make it.

Just because a plant is offered at the garden center doesn't mean it will grow where you want to put it. We don’t profit from selling you plants. We recommend only the best plants for your unique situation.

2. You have failing plants, unidentified plants, and/or plants that don’t give your yard the look you wanted.

We identify and assess the plants you have, suggesting options that work for you and your yard.

3.  You can’t get the kind of one-on-one, on-site help you need at the nursery or garden center.
We bring our design experience and horticultural knowledge to you. There’s a big difference between seeing your yard in person and looking at a picture on your phone!

4. You need shade trees.

Selecting trees for your property is one of the most important landscaping decisions you will make, having a long-term impact on your property value and yearly maintenance. We can assist you in making an informed choice.

Tree and shrub removal can be costly, and paying for someone every month to keep plants from becoming overgrown adds up. We help you to avoid the money pit by putting “the right plant in the right place.”

5. You want to create a new garden and don’t know where to start.

Our goal is to set you up for success. From xeriscape to organic vegetable garden, from soil prep to proper siting, you bring your questions, your ideas, your budget, and we’ll explore the possibilities.

6. You’re considering having your yard professionally designed and wonder if PGC would be a good fit for your DIY project.

Terrific! Once you have decided that PGC can help you get that beautiful, low-maintenance, water-wise landscape you’ve been yearning for, the initial consultation fee is credited toward the design fee.


What to Expect

What can I expect from a Perennial Garden Consultants design consultation?

First, we'd like to know what you want to achieve with your DIY project. 

Is it curb appeal, a Mediterranean oasis, or conversion from thirsty lawn to xeriscape? Does your yard need to be child-friendly or pet-friendly? Is low-maintenance a consideration, or do you enjoy getting your hands dirty in the garden? Are there overgrown plants, failed plants, or unidentified plants in the yard? Is there a trouble spot where nothing seems to grow? 

Next, our garden design consultant will meet with you in person at your property to discuss ideas and possible plants.  We also assess the realities of your yard: orientation, views, soil. Areas receiving reflected heat from walls in the summer, for example, or places where frost hits in the winter, must be taken into consideration when selecting plants. 

At the completion of the consultation,  you may decide to purchase a plant list detailing the names of suggested plants that you can bring to the nursery or give to your gardener for plant shopping. 

Or when you decide to have our landscape designer create a custom conceptual planting for you, we can usually complete your site survey that day. Your initial consultation is included!

Whether you want a new garden or want to renew and update an existing landscape, you can expect Perennial Garden Consultants to be available to answer your landscaping questions and take the stress out of your DIY project!

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