"The right plant in the right place"

"The right plant in the right place""The right plant in the right place"

How Do I Know if a Consultation is Right For Me?

6 Reasons PGC May Be Exactly What You're Looking For

1. You’ve already wasted money on plants that didn’t make it.

Just because a plant is offered at the garden center doesn't mean it will grow where you want to put it. We don’t profit from selling you plants. We recommend only the best plants for your unique situation.

2. You have failing plants, unidentified plants, and/or plants that don’t give your yard the look you wanted.
We identify and assess the plants you have, suggesting options that work for you and your yard.

3.  You can’t get the kind of one-on-one, on-site help you need at the nursery or garden center.

We bring our design experience and horticultural knowledge to you, and the time spent on your property is dedicated exclusively to your project! Plus, there’s a big difference between seeing your yard in person and looking at a picture on your phone!

4. You need shade trees.

Selecting trees for your property is one of the most important landscaping decisions you will make, having a long-term impact on your property value and yearly maintenance. We can assist you in making an informed choice.

Tree and shrub removal can be costly, and paying for someone every month to keep plants from becoming overgrown adds up. We help you to avoid the money pit by putting “the right plant in the right place.”

5. You want to create a new garden and don’t know where to start.

Our goal is to set you up for success. From xeriscape to organic vegetable garden, from soil prep to proper siting, you bring your questions, your ideas, your budget, and we’ll explore the possibilities.

6. You’re considering having your yard professionally designed and wonder if PGC would be a good fit for your DIY project.

Terrific! Once you have decided that Perennial Garden Consultants can help you get that beautiful, low-maintenance, water-wise landscape you’ve been yearning for, the initial consultation fee is credited toward the design fee.

The Right Plant in the Right Place

The benefits of a one-hour professional evaluation can save the homeowner money and maintenance headaches down the road. Not to mention our consultation fee is less than you might think!

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