"The right plant in the right place"

"The right plant in the right place""The right plant in the right place"

NEW! Boutique Maintenance Services

"Is it Right for Me?"

Our Boutique Maintenance services grew out of customer demand for something beyond the typical Las Vegas "mow-and-blow," which currently dominates the local landscape maintenance industry.

The clients who subscribe to this premium service value their landscape as part of their home and want it to be treated with the utmost care. They also value a maintenance service based upon sound horticultural and design practices.

Boutique Maintenance subscribers:

  • Know that their outdoor surroundings impact them daily.
  • Deserve knowledgeable professionals handling their investment and addressing questions or concerns.
  • Expect the existing plants in their yard to be properly identified.
  • Want tasks such as fertilizing, pruning, and mulching to be performed at the right time of year depending on the individual plant.
  • Recognize that timely hand-pruning of desert shrubs preserves health and aesthetics, unlike indiscriminate shearing with gas-powered hedge trimmers.
  • Prefer an organic approach.
  • Prefer Integrated Pest Management practices as opposed to nonselective spraying of chemicals.
  • Values new planting suggestions backed by experience in creative design .
  • Likes to change or add elements such as annual plants or specially designed containers throughout the year, according to season or event.
  • Appreciates a kinder, gentler, and quieter approach.
  • Realizes that the key to a beautifully-maintained, enjoyable landscape is one where the health and happiness of the plants comes first!

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We are passionate about gardens done the right way! Check out the blog 'Zen and the Art of Landscape Maintenance,' by our ASHS Certified Horticulturist.

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